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It Happened in Woodstock

Based on Woodstock History and Hearsay by Anita M. Smith

Drawn from Anita Smith’s iconic history, this is a popularized, art edition completely executed in reverse lithography with “white print” on cobalt blue. It tells the story of Woodstock from the time of the Amerindian, but takes the saga up through the Festival of 1969 in a “psychic portrait.” The book is filled with stunning halftones, woodcuts, vintage ads, a map, and reproductions of paintings by Woodstock artists.

More About the Book

Published 1972 (re-launched in 2002 for centennial celebration of Byrdcliffe Arts and Crafts Colony); first edition; ISBN 9780967926815; soft cover, perfect binding;  5 ½ x 8 ½ inches, 165 pages, with more than 70 illustrations. Front matter: foreword and chronological study. Back matter: illustrated essay, “The Woodstock Maverick Festival of 1915”; essay, “The Woodstock Music Festival of 1969”; addendum with vintage ads, programs and other images; credits.

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About the Authors

Anita M. Smith journeyed to Woodstock, New York from her native Philadelphia, PA in 1912, with money intended for a ball gown. She quickly emerged as one of Woodstock’s talented young painters, and later developed parallel careers as writer and herbalist. She is well known for her Woodstock: History and Hearsay (first published in 1959), and for her numerous paintings of Woodstock, Provincetown, MA, New Hope, PA, France and Mexico. Nelle Thornton Jones Blelock, Weston Blelock and Julia Blelock adapted It Happened in Woodstock from AMS’s Woodstock History and Hearsay.

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